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Epsom-It Product Bottle

Stretch It. Move It. Work It. Epsom-It.

Natural Epsom salt relief for tired, achy muscles.

  • Concentrated
  • Fragrance-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Greaseless

Works Great For:

The Benefits Of Epsom Salt

Not familiar with the benefits of Epsom salt? It’s an amazing story. If your muscles ache, you can get the proven relief of a long soak in Epsom salts—without the time, the tub, and the gallons and gallons of water. Our convenient lotion allows you to apply it right where it hurts, any time, anywhere.

Learn about The Epsom Salt Story

Get Epsom-It

Ask for Epsom-It Muscle Recovery Lotion at your favorite running retailer or local fitness or health/wellness center.

Or, order Epsom-It online and have it shipped directly to you.

Hundreds of years of relief. In a modern, convenient form.

Our lotion is unique and its history goes back hundreds of years. The formulation has previously been available only from select pharmacies, health professionals and running stores. Now, we’re bringing it directly to you.

Runner Illustration

Not your typical topical pain reliever.

Is Epsom-It different from other topical pain relievers? Yes. Very different. It’s natural. It’s time-tested and proven to be effective. It simply makes sense, any way you look at it.

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Image of Fast Eddie Rousseau

I have used Epsom-It for 3 years. Rubbed into all leg muscles after a long 20+ mile or hard run and my legs are pain free the next morning. Never fails!

Fast Eddie Rousseau
Ultra-Marathoner – Minnesota
National Champion And Us/World Record Holder