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Image of Fast Eddie Rousseau

I have used Epsom-It for 3 years. Rubbed into all leg muscles after a long 20+ mile or hard run and my legs are pain free the next morning. Never fails!

Fast Eddie Rousseau
Ultra-Marathoner – Minnesota
National Champion And Us/World Record Holder

I love this lotion. It softens my muscles, and decreases pain and inflammation in my legs and feet.

Traci Falbo
Ultra-Marathon Runner
World Record Holder, 48-Hour Race

Yes, I’m a fan of Epsom-It! I just suggested it to my Chiropractor as something he should carry.

Phillip Gary Smith
Runner, Author, And Senior Editor, Snowshoe Magazine

I use it on the trochanter tendon soreness, which, although it can’t be cured, always feels better when I use Epsom-It. I used it all the way across in my transcontinental run—with great results.

Newton Baker
National Champion, 24-Hour Race